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Welcome to Adam J. Clayton LMT's Blog -

Adam J. Clayton is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who has been working in Hudson, Wisconsin for 10 years! He practices massage therapy in Hudson near the St. Croix Valley and specializes in therapeutic massage, and myofascial release. His philosophy for massage therapy is simple. If it feels great, you're doing it right. There is a common misconception that it's okay for a massage to physically hurt. Pain is painful, and can risk causing more trauma than good. On the other side of the coin, massage should be intense enough to feel an affect. There's no such thing as a "relaxation massage" or "deep tissue massage". Those are terms designed by spas to filter you through whatever therapist will be the best fit, because spa massage workers are tired, they don't get paid well, and they hate their job. With Adam, he uses this magical thing called "communication" to make sure each session feels perfect, because he's rewarded well for his work, and likes to pat himself on the back after a day of a job well done providing effective and comfortable manual therapy for clients.

This blog's mission is to provide the most cutting edge self care techniques, stretches, meditations, and mind-body hacks to help you live a life without pain easily. "Gymini" is a combination of the words miniature, and gymnasium. It's also a play on words to emulate everybody's favorite cartoon cricket. Our silly, but meaningful branding implies that there are very simple small steps that you can take to change your life, that don't take much time, or effort. You can easily change your health without spending all your time at the gym, suffering through diets, taking tons of prescription drugs or supplements every day. The best way to be well leaves time for you to do the things you truly enjoy. Gymini the Grasshopper represents our commitment to have a conscience, and bring you consistent content backed by the latest science!

Soon the website will be undergoing a brand transition to be called "BodyGenius" and we will be introducing meditation, movement therapy, and more how to massage at home training videos for the fans all over the world.

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