About Us

Adam J. Clayton's LMT, a.k.a. (Body Genius's) mission is to provide the most cutting edge self care techniques, stretches, meditations, and mind-body hacks to help you live a life without pain easily. Adam has been a massage therapist in Hudson, WI for over ten years, and his area of expertise spans from myofascial release, neurolinguistic programming, personal training, and the study of food's effect on chronic pain, and inflammation.  His goal is to point out that there are very simple small steps that you can take to change your life, that don't take much time, or effort. You can easily change your health without spending all your time at the gym, suffering through diets, taking tons of prescription drugs or supplements every day. The best way to be well leaves time for you to do the things you truly enjoy, and with slow steady progress. Adam is committed to practicing with a conscience, and bringing you consistent content backed by the latest science!

Meet Adam!

"In 2009 at the end of the Spring semester studying classical guitar, I fell off a cliff. This is not a metaphor. I fell off a cliff and did not die. I climbed away from that river with just a simple ankle fracture and my life took a completely different course. After several weeks of rest and pain killers, I was ready for physical therapy.

So, the next year I enrolled in school to study therapeutic massage. The deep tissue massage used to eliminate adhesions or scar tissue, relieve pain and restore movement was my favorite part of the rehabilitation process. I wanted to share that experience and help others the way that my therapist had helped me. 

Since I became a therapeutic massage therapist, I have dedicated myself to learning about the human body’s potential for healing and the use of massage techniques in support of the restoration of movement.

Over the last decade I have expanded my scope of practice through studying fitness training, meditation, motivational interviewing, and neuro linguistic programming. Finally I've come to the point where I wanted to start sharing what I'm learning with more people."

 -Adam J. Clayton LMT